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People Katherine Has Helped To Move Out

See below  how Katherine has helped many people to successfully begin their new lives in  Sunny Australia

See below how excited Angie was to welcome her dog to join her & Peter in their New Life Down Under in Brisbane​​.

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Katrina & Jason from Wales

now living in Adelaide SA Nominated by the SA Government

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Read my conversation with Angie


Angie: “Hi Katherine!! Well we have been here for 2 weeks now and we are absolutely loving it!!  ...

Our cat and dog are currently in quarantine and we get them on Monday!! Super excited about that!! Just the mere fact we are here - is brilliant!! We love, love, love it and all the hurdles were SO worth it!! Thank you so much again!” Xx


Katherine: “Aww so glad you are happy. When you settle please send me some photos especially a video of reuniting with your pet family. I just know it will be such a joyous moment and do stay in touch”

 Kind regards Katherine


Katherine: "Angie I have an engineer client going through difficulty with his assessing body with IT issues he had to apply twice since June still waiting, can I send him your message above so he and his family know it will be worth it in the end ? “


Angie: ”Of course you can!!! Tell him that it is oh so worth it - and all the struggles become a distant memory as soon as you land here!! I don’t even remember all the stress from the IELTS exam, or waiting such a long time to hear about the visas. The reward is worth the work.

I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how we are doing.

Ps i’ve got 2 sets of friends who are thinking of making the move and I’ve told them to go to no other agent but you!! So you might hear from them in the near future. Both are coming out next year for a holiday to see if they like it first!

Hope everything is good at your end.

Nice to hear from you!! “X

Dan & Sarah Holmes now married & living

in Mandurah WA

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Lucy and John Living in  Regional Victoria 

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Lucy  & John Price in Melbourne Victoria