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How my work-life balance has improved!!!


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Hi Katherine!! Well, we have been here for 2 weeks now and we are absolutely loving it!! Our cat and dog are currently in quarantine and we get them on Monday!! Super excited about that!! Just the mere fact we are here - is brilliant!! We love, love, love it and all the hurdles were SO worth it!! Thank you so much again!



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Angie: “Hi Katherine!! Well we have been here for 2 weeks now and we are absolutely loving it!!  ...

Our cat and dog are currently in quarantine and we get them on Monday!! Super excited about that!! Just the mere fact we are here - is brilliant!! We love, love, love it and all the hurdles were SO worth it!! Thank you so much again!” Xx


Katherine: “Aww so glad you are happy. When you settle please send me some photos especially a video of reuniting with your pet family. I just know it will be such a joyous moment and do stay in touch”

 Kind regards Katherine


Katherine: "Angie I have an engineer client going through difficulty with his assessing body with IT issues he had to apply twice since June still waiting, can I send him your message above so he and his family know it will be worth it in the end ? “


Angie: ”Of course you can!!! Tell him that it is oh so worth it - and all the struggles become a distant memory as soon as you land here!! I don’t even remember all the stress from the IELTS exam, or waiting such a long time to hear about the visas. The reward is worth the work.

I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how we are doing.

Ps i’ve got 2 sets of friends who are thinking of making the move and I’ve told them to go to no other agent but you!! So you might hear from them in the near future. Both are coming out next year for a holiday to see if they like it first!

Hope everything is good at your end.

Nice to hear from you!! “X

Katrina & Jason from Wales

now living in Adelaide SA Nominated by the SA Government

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Dan & Sarah Holmes now married & living

in Mandurah WA

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Lucy and John Living in  Regional Victoria 

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Lucy  & John Price in Melbourne Victoria

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The road is long

With many a winding turn

That leads us to who knows where

Who knows where.....


Like the words in the song made famous by The Hollies in the late 1960’s, the process for obtaining a Visa to emigrate to Australia is lengthy and complex.  When I started researching the process everybody I spoke to said the same thing; “Find a professional to help you!”  Not only are the requirements very detailed, but as world circumstances change, so do the Australian Government requirements.  I imagine one could struggle through doing it for yourself but the risk of tripping up and finding the door shut, perhaps permanently, make the investment in expert guidance well worth it, in my experience.

I spoke with a number of businesses offering Visa assistance and was struck by Katherine’s caring and professional approach.  Earlier in her career she was a Nurse and I know that deep down in the DNA of that caring profession is a focus on the needs of the individual. Katherine knows the current path through the regulations and she patiently guided me, chivvying when it was required, compiling all the necessary documentation and crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s.

I am very grateful for Katherine’s assistance, she got me to where I wanted to be.  The process isn’t cheap but, as in so many things, you get what you pay for.  I would strongly recommend you give her a call to discuss your requirements.


Sincerely,  Mark Attenborough

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We met Katherine back in the UK around 2 years ago. When we were thinking about coming to Oz. My now hubby already had PR. But I didn't. At the time we were not married. It was decided that I came to Oz on a Tourist visa. Firstly to see if I would actually like it. We arrived in Brisbane on 17/1/15. Needless to say we loved it. City views. The story bridge. Gold Coast/Sunshine coast. Endless sunny days. Once here for 6 months we contacted Katherine again to start putting the wheels in motion for my residency. As we were getting married out here we decided to go for the martial visa.

After a lot of paperwork. And lots of historical family questions my temporary visa for 8 months was issued in Jan 2016. Which meant I could now work. Once we got married in Feb 2016. I was able to apply for my Temporary resident visa. Valid for 2 years. With no restrictions. Which was issued today. Yah.. Well done Katherine and thank you so much for all your help and many emails and late night phone calls.

Brilliant service.You are the best

  Jan  & Dudley Tanton 

Feedback from Andrina Bryson


​Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and also for keeping me sane throughout!!! 
I am still a bit stunned but super excited and overwhelmed!!
I’ll check out the visa grant details like you said later today.
Thank you Katherine, you are a star!! ​​​

Hi Katherine,


How are you?


Just thought Id say hello and send you a wee update!!


We have now been in Sydney for 10 days and all going well so far!!!  Alan has accepted a great job offer in his trade only 3 days after arrival and he starts this Thursday.  He actually ended up with 3 offers but decided to go for the one with the best career prospect and our location.  He completed his white card also so we are just waiting for that!!


We signed our lease today on a long term rental, 5 bed detached in a lovely suburb away from the busy busy of the city. Although the Airbnb has been fit for purpose its a wee bit small so we are looking forward to getting our keys on Saturday?  Our container is due in Sydney end of next week so hoping it wont be too long for us till we see our things again and sleep in proper beds!!!


How do I change my address with NSW Visa?  We completed our first skilled migration survey request today also.


We have also sorted tax file numbers, driving licenses, medicare, working with children checks so all coming along fine!


We have also been to the beach!!  It was certainly a sight after the visa process and finally seeing it for ourselves as opposed to in pictures!!  We have visited some of the wildlife parks and Darling Harbour and it is amazing to see the kids faces light up, they are so excited with their new adventure though are getting nervous about starting school!! 


Our eldest daughter is now in her final honours year in UK so I will be in touch with you for help when it comes time to apply for her PR visa maybe after Christmas as she intends to be here in May 2019.  We are flying her out here end of august and cannot wait to see her.  I am not starting at the hospital until July so I have a few weeks to get us all settled.


I hope all is well with you and do keep in touch!!  


Take care, speak soon


Andii & Alan & family

Feedback from Karen Cairns

Feedback from Sonia Kalsi

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