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Are  you tired of  searching for answers from websites and forums, only to feel  overwhelmed with all the conflicting information  out there?  Don't know how or where to start ?  


Australia has the most complex and highly monitored immigration system in the world.  

and at some point in your research, you will have questions

Do you just want to cut through the 'internet noise' and get answers from a  qualified  Australian  migration expert  with 10 years proven experience and 100% success  to  help you navigate your way through the best visa pathway for you and your family. 

  Want to know answers to   .....

  • Do I have  enough points for a skilled visa ?

  • Is my occupation on the right list? 

  • Can  I  sponsor my Spouse/ my partner / my parents ?  

  • What if I have a previous conviction ?  Can I still apply?

  • What if  I'm  divorced /separated and want to take my child with me

  • What if i take medication / have  epilepsy / asthma 

  • How long can I have before entering Australia ?

  • What if?  What if ? What if ? ... and many more 

We all have  unique  circumstances, there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to visas for Australia and Katherine will support & guide you through the complex legislation and sometimes daunting process, whether it's for an initial pre - advisory assessment to get you on the right track or a full 1 hour private web consultation, to map out a strategy for you, or a full 1-1 personal advisory  service, assisting you and your family from beginning to end and beyond. 


 Katherine has helped hundreds of families  at the stage you are at now,  who  are  living their  dream lives in Sunny Australia right now! 

                                                                              Start Now and this could be in aporox 9-12 months time.

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Lucy & John

& their two Cats  

Lucy  an  RN & husband John who works n the finance industry moved from Essex UK to live on the outskirts of Melbourne Victoria, with  their beloved  two cats.  Read their story published in The Australia & New Zealand Magazine or click below to read their full feedback to Katherine  once they arrived down under :) 

Katrina and her family are moving from Wales to Adelaide SA in time for  Christmas at the beach 

Katrina RMN 

We have had an amazing experience with Katherine at Getme2oz from start to finish. Throughout the whole process Katherine demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the immigration system together with experience and professionalism.

Katherine was always calm and confident, and always offered morale support which made us feel that we were significant and important to her giving us peace of mind and made us feel valued. She has always provided personal attention and clarified any doubts we had.

We will always be eternally grateful to her, therefore, we highly recommend Getme2oz     Katrina Mason

Dan & Sarah Holmes at Christmas  with their family in WA 

  Dan Barker 

Sarah Homes 

&  Freddie the Terrier   

Dan Baker a Plumber & Sarah Holmes a Dental Nuse &  their little  dog Freddie now living  happily  in Mandurah  WA 

​We met Katherine back in October 2014 at the down under live seminar. Throughout the whole process Katherine was excellent we couldn't of asked for a better migration agent.


Me and my partner Dan would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to start a new life on oz!

   Alex Zukakaus  

Alex a Licensed Club Manager moved with his family to Darwin NT after being nominated by the NT Government, on a two year provisional to permanent visa. He and his family are now all permanent residents. Loving life at the top end of Australia.                                                                    

Alex a Licensed Club Manager moved with his family to Darwin NT after being nominated by the NT Government, on a two year provisional to permanent visa. He and his family are now all permanent residents. Loving life at the top end of Australia.                                                                    

 Kirsty Caley

RN ICU & Alan

moved from Cornwall to Queensland 

Katherine was recommended to us last year when we first started this journey. We have to say a huge thank you. Katherine was unwavering in her support, always at the end of the phone when needed, always reassuring and always managing to say the right words to keep us going and reduce our stress levels!!! Thank you so much Katherine, you were patient.....have faith.....and here we are!! ☀️🌊X x x x

Alan & Kirsty Caley

Marie Yongue

RN Critical Care  

 Marie  a critical care  nurse was working in the  UK while her family stayed back in the Philippines.She  is now reunited with them and they are all  loving life in Sydney.  

The move to Australia has truly been the best decision for our family. Our family enjoys a more active lifestyle and there are more reasons for us to go out and experience the outdoors. 


I am currently working as registered nurse for Healthcare Australia, which is a leading healthcare recruitment agent, after ​being introduced to them via my agent, Katherine.

 Andrew Bowley & Family 

Moved from Margate Kent  to  Regional Queensland


With No Regrets :)

Read  below how life is working out for them

 One year later!  

Just over a year ago we were shivering in the UK. Today it's 34 degrees, we're a few weeks away from moving into a 5 bed house on just over 5 acres of land and we have a pony that we're getting to know before he comes to live with us. Here is my daughter and Buddy, going for a walk / trot. It's the frst time she has done this by herself, (mum or dad were holding the rope as well the first few times.) I don't think we could have managed this in the UK.  November 2018   (Video to follow )

Angie Carmichael  

Moved from Scotland to Brisbane   

Read messages between Angie & Katherine once Angie began  to live her Aussie Dream !

Hi Katherine!! Well we have been here for 2 weeks now and we are absolutely loving it!!  ...

Our cat and dog are currently in quarantine and we get them on Monday!! Super excited about that!! Just the mere fact we are here - is brilliant !! We love, love, love it and all the hurdles were SO worth it!! Thank you so much again! Xx


Aww so glad you are happy when you settle please send me some photos especially a video of reuniting with your pet family. I just know it will be such a joyous moment and do stay in touch x Kind regards Katherine 


Angie I have an engineer client going through difficulty with his assessing body with IT issues he had to apply twice since June still waiting can I send him your message above so he and his family know it will be worth it in the end ?


Of course you can!!! Tell him that it is oh so worth it - and all the struggles become a distant memory as soon as you land here!! I don’t even remember all the stress from the IELTS exam, or waiting such a long time to hear about the visas. The reward is worth the work.

I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how we are doing.

I’ve got 2 sets of friends who are thinking of making the move and I’ve told them to go to no other agent but you!!

So you might hear from them in the near future. Both are coming out next year for a holiday to see if they like it first !

Hope everything is good at your end. Nice to hear from you!! X (Video to follow )

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