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Katherine Van Greuning

Owner of Getme2oz

Katherine, founder and the woman behind getme2oz, has experienced first-hand the complexities of the Australian visa system after spending 8 years living and working in Melbourne, Australia before returning home to the UK in May 2008. Before her homecoming, she studied Australian Immigration Law and Practice at the University of Melbourne and is an Australian Registered Migration Agent MARN 0702049, a member of the Migration Alliance (MA) and the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), the peak professional body for Australian Registered Migration Agents, making her perfectly placed to advise and guide anyone wishing to immigrate to the beautiful country of Australia.

Getme2oz is a one-stop shop for any wannabe (not wallaby) resident of Australia, offering a holistic consultancy service to seek out the best visa pathway for you and your family through to helping you set up bank accounts, look for housing and schools and even procuring the best foreign exchange rates when the big move comes around. What differentiates Katherine from other companies is her; she provides personal, professional service to every client, making their move run smoothly and helping to mitigate for any problems before they occur, meaning you don’t get stuck half way across the world and you rest safe in the knowledge that the legislative side of your move is water tight. Even Katherine admits that the visa systems are complex at best and everchanging, as a professional specialising in Australian Emigration she dedicates her time to ensuring she is at the forefront of any changes and can implement these quickly and efficiently for her clients and her business. Katherine is diligent and honest enough to tell you whether you are likely to be accepted before you part with your hard-earned savings, offering a free visa assessment at the outset, meaning getme2oz will do exactly what it says on the tin! Legally Katherine is not allowed to guarantee a visa outcome, however, she will not take on a client if she does not believe they have, at the very least, a reasonable chance of success.

“Behind every file is a person’s life story” Katherine told us “that’s why it is so important to use a qualified migration agent to look after the next chapters”.


Katherine’s relationships with clients are the key to it all, as Zoe and Nicholas found out when they decided to follow their hearts and move their lives over to Perth. Following a six week tour of Australia back in 2003, the couple fell in love with the city and a lifestyle only Australia can offer. After several trips back and forth they decided to take the plunge, and not knowing where to start they enlisted the expertise of Katherine.

“We began to think seriously about what we wanted out of life. Australia seemed to tick all the boxes." Zoe & Nicholas explained.


After consulting with the couple as to their ultimate aim Katherine advised that the Permanent Residency visa would be best Professional Immigration Advice suited for them, based on a skilled visa application. Together Katherine, Zoe and Nicholas began the task of securing their visas and their new lives.


“Katherine was exceptional in guiding us through the application and providing help and assistance along the way.” Zoe told us.


After nearly two years, taking into account work commitments, the couple were able to start afresh in the beautiful surroundings of Western Australia; they could not have done it alone but now they could not be happier.

If a new way of life is something you and your family are considering, or if you’ve already fallen in love with ‘down under’, get in touch with Katherine Van Greuning for honest, accredited advice. Visit her website or go along/ sign up for one of her seminars/webinars to meet the lady in person, and take the first steps to making your dream lifestyle become a reality.

Hosea Lean Fernandez
Katherine Van Greuning

Hosea Lean Fernandez

Administrative Manager

Hosea Lean Fernandez, a dedicated and integral member of the Getme2oz team, has played a vital role in the company's operations for over two years. As Katherine's trusted assistant, he has been instrumental in facilitating individuals' journeys towards realizing their dreams of relocating to Australia.

Within the dynamic realm of Getme2oz, Hosea's responsibilities extend far beyond mere assistance. He serves as the linchpin for the company's online presence, leveraging his expertise to establish, maintain, and enhance the digital infrastructure critical to its success. From the inception of Getme2oz's online platform, Hosea has been at the forefront, diligently developing and refining administrative systems to ensure seamless functionality.

His multifaceted role encompasses a spectrum of tasks aimed at optimizing customer experience and satisfaction. From meticulously organizing schedules to fine-tuning website functionality, Hosea's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his work. Moreover, he goes above and beyond in providing unwavering support to both prospective and existing customers, guiding them through the intricacies of the migration process with patience and expertise.

Beyond his technical prowess, Hosea embodies the ethos of customer-centricity that defines Getme2oz. For him, the satisfaction of clients is not merely a professional obligation but a personal commitment. "Happy customers make us happy," he asserts, reflecting the genuine passion and dedication he brings to his role.

In his pursuit of excellence, Hosea ensures that every interaction with Getme2oz leaves a lasting impression of quality and professionalism. Whether troubleshooting technical issues or offering guidance on migration procedures, he remains steadfast in his dedication to delivering exceptional service.

In essence, Hosea Lean Fernandez is comitted to empowering individuals to fulfill their aspirations of starting a new life in Australia. Through his unwavering dedication and expertise, he continues to be an invaluable asset to both the company and its clients, ensuring that each step of the migration journey is marked by efficiency, reliability, and above all, satisfaction.

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