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 Working Holiday Visa 

The Working holiday Visa  (WHV)  is  for  those aged 18-30 yrs with no dependent children For passport holders of approved countries including the UK . 


Exciting News from November 2018 Irish &  Canadian citizens can apply up to  and including age 35yrs.


 The WHV is  designed  as a ‘try before you buy’ experience of what Australia has to offer, then for you to go home and obtain qualifications  &  work experience and  apply to go back as a skilled migrant.

You may love it so much and  be lucky to find an employer willing to sponsor you during your trip and need not leave Australia at all!


It is valid for 12 months, you can work for one employer for up  to six months and apply for second WHV if you meet certain criteria while holding the first WHV.

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