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Fixing Air Conditioner

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic Skills Assessment
(ANZSCO: 342111)

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics in Australia are required to be licensed by the respective State licensing board before undertaking any work. Firstly, an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) must be obtained through VETASSESS. This happens in two steps:

Stage 1

We will work with you to prepare the necessary documentation for lodgement with VETASSESS, who will review your training and employment evidence to ensure that you have either:

  • 6 years employment experience as an Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic with no formal training OR

  • 4 years employment experience as an Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic with relevant formal training

You will need to provide your qualification certificates as proof of formal training, and your employment evidence must include at least 12 months in the last 3 years. Evidence may include documents such as wage slips, bank statements, employment references, etc. We will advise you about what exactly is required and prepare these is readiness for assessment.


Stage 2

This involves both a Technical Interview and Practical Assessment and will take approximately 7-8 hours to complete.

During the Technical Interview you will be asked a series of questions about your skills and duties as a qualified Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic which will determine the extent of your knowledge.

The Practical Assessment involves you completing a series of work-based tasks that demonstrates your skills as an Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic . These practical tasks are completed in the presence of a licensed Assessor.

The technical interview and practical tasks are based on the units listed in the Fact Sheet.

We will provide you with a detailed guide to the skills and duties that you will undertake during the practical.


Following a successful assessment, VETASSESS will issue you with:

  1. Skills Assessment Outcome letter,
    Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR)

On arrival in Australia, you must apply through the State regulation body for a Provisional license. Once this license has been granted, you may work under the supervision of a fully licensed tradesperson. During this time you will be required to undertake additional training in order to gain the required Australian qualification that enables you to work independently.

** Please note that this ‘Gap Training’ can only be undertaken once in Australia.

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